Digital copywriting is an exciting job. If you have a creative mind and like to play with words strategically, this may be the dream job for you. A good digital copywriter must know how to create engaging content while fulfilling the technical needs simultaneously. 

Copywriters can bring a spark in advertising campaigns and even daily posts that are made on a social media platform. Words are powerful, and copywriters who have that creative strength can make a huge difference. 

We understand that ‘Content is King’; however, copywriters are still underestimated. While if we come to think of it, they can bring noteworthy success and recognition for their branding agency

And as we know that with great strength comes greater responsibility, this article will discuss and highlight the responsibilities of a digital copywriter.

Responsibilities of a Digital Copywriter

1. Fully Understand Client’s Brand and Core Message

It is not just a part of the job for a copywriter to understand their clients’ brands, yet it is their core responsibility. Anything they think about the brand gets translated into the content they write for it. Therefore, if they are not hundred percent sure of brand values and aims to convey, no strategy can prevent an advertising disaster. 

Social media copywriting is a sensitive case as any content that goes on social media gets immediate feedback. And that comes in the form of reactions, comments, and shares. If you make one mistake as a copywriter, it will be faced with deadly remarks from the audience. 

That’s how it is on social media, and a digital copywriter must always be aware of the sensitivity of the situation. They should know what their clients’ brands stand for and what their appropriate tone and words should be under different circumstances.

2. Stay Up-to-date with the Latest Advertising Trends and Happenings

A digital content creator must know what is trending in the marketing world, even during their sleep. Their job is to stay updated with the latest happenings regarding anything that the brands are doing. Marketing is a fast-paced field with controversies, brand wars, and heart-winning campaigns coming in every day. 

With the digital advancement and increasing use of social media, you never know which of your content gets turned into a meme. A great digital copywriter knows how to tackle these situations. They also know how to utilize this volatility of the field for their brands’ benefit. 

The best content is the one that resonates with the audience the most. Your target audience wants to know that you are an active brand who knows how to react to different situations. This does not only mean the humorous trends but the unfortunate happenings around the world. 

A brand can never be neutral. It has to take a firm stand, and a copywriter must know how to.

3. Have a Responsible Sense of Humor

Achieving good humor is no joke. As ironic as it may sound, it is an accurate fact. Many digital copywriters tend to overuse humor to send a message across. It is indeed, tempting to post content that can give people a good laugh. The share ability of the humorous content is higher than other types. And the audience tends to create trends out of such content. However, a copywriter must know where to draw the line.

Nothing ruins a brand’s image more than insensitive humor. So a copywriter must beware of using it responsibly. It is never recommended to come up with witty copy for a situation a part of the audience is sensitive about. 

Brands have faced disastrous consequences for making such mistakes, and the marketing world is full of such examples. Social media copywriters must always take a lesson from such fails. And they must have a critical eye for their content before forwarding it to the design team. 

4. Be Confident to Play with Words Powerfully and Creatively

As far as humor is dealt with sensibly and responsibly, a digital copywriter should stay confident in using their creativity. A copywriter who does not have the confidence to play with words, and take reasonable risks, cannot reach the best of what content has to offer.

Words contain immense power. And it is the responsibility of the copywriter to bring that power to good use.

The advertising world is also full of examples regarding great marketing campaigns that were a win only due to remarkable content.

5. Develop the Ability to Think from Multiple Perspectives

Social media branding is about creating a digital persona for the brand. And that brand personality has to interact with thousands of people out there.

As a part of the basics of creating marketing strategies, we do choose a set target audience. However, it is highly recommended to have a broad perspective when catering to them. 

With digital advancement, people have become more and more opinionated. And it is crucial for digital copywriters to understand this reality and enable themselves to think from multiple points of view.

However, this does not mean that they should disregard the brand’s opinion. Having a firm stance is an admirable quality in a brand, and the audience looks forward to it.

The key to achieving both strong opinion and board mindedness is to stay steadfast on your own while respecting that of others. It seems simple when you read this; however, the practical implementation has been a challenge for the whole world.

The one achieves this, gains respect and credibility that is worth more for brand equity than anything else. And that should be the goal of all the digital content creators out there. 


Content is the main element of communication. And the digital copywriter is the holder of that key. The duties of a copywriter may be underestimated; however, the power their words hold can never be ignored. Therefore, there are specific responsibilities upon a copywriter to ensure utilizing that power in the best means possible, creating a difference that lasts. 

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